For Landlords

We develop strategies for commercializing real estate based on owner guidelines. The aim of our actions is to maximize value and make the highest possible return on investment. We rent facilities in such a way as to make them a profitable investment product. Customer long-term profits are our overarching goal.


Cooperation process

  • diagnosis of the current situation of tenants
  • conducting an analysis of competition, we find strong and weak sides of the facility
  • developing a strategy and marketing budget - comprehensive visual identification of promotional campaigns, PR activities
  • preparation and promotion of offers based on customer's expectations
  • adjusting the rental rates to the building standard and the current market situation
  • presenting the offer on the premises
  • acquiring and carefully selecting tenants and conduct trade talks
  • monitoring the financial capacity and credibility of potential Tenants
  • preparation and negotiations and enter into lease agreements
  • building positive relations with tenants
  • carrying out reports on the actions taken
  • providing ongoing support and advice

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